BrainXtra Website and Clinical Program Disclaimer

SUMMARY:   BrainXtra is unable to make any specific guarantees regarding individual developmental response to the “Sustain Your Brain” Programme. Whilst BrainXtra endeavours to provide the best quality training experience possible in design and technology, the individual’s frequency and total number of session undertaken in the given time period, the amount of contact training time invested, personal motivation, degree of mental engagement with the programme, and each individuals unique personal state of health and neurocognitive capabilities all interact to influence their personal developmental experience.   Any case results presented on the BrainXtra  website are to be seen as general descriptions of personal improvements and developmental progress that have been realized by certain clients, and are not to be taken as a guarantee expected to occur with every individual.

Neurocognitive research studies indicate that 60 to 70% of individuals benefit positively from core executive cognitive ability training.

BrainXtra does not make any specific guarantees to any individuals’ expected developmental response or benefit from its neurocognitive clinic exercise programs,  as individually unique physically variables, such as physical state of brain health could be beyond the boundaries of BrainXtra training  programs.

BrainXtra has endeavored to provide a high quality neurocognitive enrichment program, according to published research information, contemporary cognitive development theory and the latest technology and  resources.

Other factors, may significantly inhibit some individuals from improvement from the BrainXtra programs, that are beyond the control of BrainXtra.

These factors include the amount of exercise time the client invests in their BrainXtra program, the individual degree of quality mental engagement with the program exercises, degree of personal motivation, the accomplishment of the full total number of contact hours on the program recommended by research and  the BrainXtra clinical time frame plan, each individual’s personal emotional disposition, diet, physical brain factors such as degree of neural impact of stroke or brain diseases.

BrainXtra makes no claim to treat, prevent or cure neurological diseases or physical neurological related debilitation and ill-health.

BrainXtra stands on neurocognitive research that indicates a significant proportion of individuals with early signs of cognitive memory debilitation may respond positively from core executive cognitive abilities exercising.

BrainXtra is a neurocognitive exercise program that is singularly focused on enhancing the following core executive cognitive functions:

Working memory, delayed recall memory, attention and concentration span, visual memory, auditory memory, sequential memory, spatial memory, symbolic memory, logical reasoning, information processing speed and accuracy.

Due to the extraneous uncontrollable variables listed above, BrainXtra will not be held liable in any way in the event where an individual does not or is not able to achieve their personal expected neurocognitive improvement outcomes from the BrainXtra clinical exercise programs.

In the event that an individual undertakes the BrainXtra exercise program in accordance with BrainXtra’s program requirements,  to the best of their personal capability,  and they do not experience any improvement in cognitive performance as measured by the program’s standardized Cambridge Brain Sciences Cognitive Assessment scales and their scored performances on the individual BrainXtra exercises, BrainXtra will have no material liability except to provide the client with a summary report of their cognitive performance assessment results which they may choose to share with their Medical Doctor or Neurological Specialist.

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