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Alzheimers NZ Tauranga, 8 Apr 202117 Jun 2021Upcoming

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Charges for the 8 week BrainXtra Clinic are $60.00 (incl GST) per week or a total single payment of $480.00 (incl GST), to be paid in advance. Which Payment option will be suitable?

Where Due Payment Is Not Received On Time: Should a client not make a due payment on expected due dates, BrainXtra will confirm if the clients is choosing to continue with the clinic programme. If a Client wishes to discontinue partipation BrainXtra will only refund payments for the outstanding training weeks that have not been participated in. BrainXtra will not refund any week charges a client has begun training for that week

Where a Client Chooses to Discontinue The Programme. In the event a client wishes not complete the clinic, they should immediately contact BrainXtra to advise and clarify the situation. Rge Refund of Fees will; be according to the same conditions as in the policy above “Where Due Payment IS Not Rceived On Time.BrainXtra will not refund the deposit on a Tablet until it has been received and inspected in accord with the Tablet Refundable Deposit Policy.

You must agree before registering.

Conditions Where A Client damages a Tablet or has lost the Tablet and Requires a Relacement to complete the clinic programme.
If the tablet is lost or suffers any surface or internal damaged, the incident should be reported as soon as possible and then returned to BrainXtra who will inspect the Tablet. If the Tablet is lost or damaged , BrainXtyra will not refund the deposit . If the client client wishes to continue with the remainder of the programme, this will require the issuing of a new tablet with a new refundable deposit for the new tablet being charged.

Salvageable Tablets: In the case of a returned surface or internally damaged Tablet, BrainXtra will 1) retain the deposit made on the Tablet BrainXtra will assess if the Tablet is salvageable, and if so will remove the BrainXtra technology from the Tablet, reset the Tablet software the factory settings Windows 10 Home Operating system. Clients make then take possession of the damaged Tablet if they so choose.

Unsalvageable Tablets: In the event the Tablet is significantly damaged to the point that the BrainXtra software cannot be removed and the Windows 10 Operating system cannot be restored on the Tablet, BrainXtra reserves the right to 1) not refund the deposit for the damaged tablet and 2) not to return such damaged tablet in order to protect its intellectual property that yet remains on that Tablet.

You must agree before registering.

BrainXtra (collectively, “we,” “us,” or “our”) may collect specific personal information to provide you with our services.

BrainXtra Client Account: During the registration process, you will be asked to provide us with information such as your full name, email address, residing address and only additional other personal information pertinent to the delivery of the clinic services. All collected personal information is kept strictly confidential.

BrainXtra Research: When you participate in the BrainXtra Clinic, you are also assisting BrainXtra’s ongoing research towards improving our Clinical program for greater neuroscience and cognition impact. All Client performance information BrainXtra collects from the participation in 1) programme exercises and 2) cognitive assessments are de-identified, aggregated and used anonymously for BrainXtra’s research to improve its exercise design for all future clients. All data BrainXtra collects from participation in the clinic exercises and assessments is analyzed anonymously and is always aggregated, anonymous and never presented in any individually identifiable form.

Information Related to the BrainXtra Online Cognitive Tests: Your cognitive test data and individual reports are kept strictly confidential. At the conclusion of the clinic program, BrainXtra will provide you with a strictly confidential overview report on your cognitive assessment results, which is sent to your personal email address. Under no circumstances will BrainXtra forward any client’s Cognitive Assessment Report to any 3rd party. Clients are free to share their reports to their health practitioner on their own recognisance should they wish to do so.

BrainXtra Registration Form: On the BrainXtra Clinic Application Form, BrainXtra clients may choose to have their BrainXtra cognitive assessment tests setup to give reports that reflect their own name or a pseudo name should they so wish. However BrainXtra has to keep a record of each Clients actual name and their preferred Pseudo names for the duration of the Clinic programme so that can deliver its clinical program to the client.

The Online Cognitive Assessment Test battery used within BrainXtra is a subcontracted licensed service purchased from Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS), Toronto, Canada. When you participate in a Cognitive Assessment Test, you are assisting CBS in their world-class research into improving the scientific benchmark norms of the Tests themselves. The personal information CBS collects when you participate in Tests are de-identified, aggregated and used for CBS’s research and analysis to help CBS better understand their Tests and serve their users. All data CBS collects is analyzed anonymously and is not presented in any identifiable form. The Cambridge Brain Sciences privacy policy can be seen here:

Access to Personal Information: You have the right to access, update and correct inaccuracies in your personal information in our custody and control, subject to certain exceptions prescribed by law. You may make a request to access, update and/or correct inaccuracies in your personal information we have in our custody or control by emailing or writing to us at the contact information set out below. We may request certain personal information for the purposes of verifying the identity of the individual seeking access to their personal information records.

You must agree before registering.

SUMMARY: BrainXtra is unable to make any specific guarantees regarding individual developmental response to the “Sustain Your Brain” Programme. Whilst BrainXtra endeavours to provide the best quality training experience possible in design and technology, the individual’s frequency and total number of session undertaken in the given time period, the amount of contact training time invested, personal motivation, degree of mental engagement with the programme, and each individuals unique personal state of health and neurocognitive capabilities all interact to influence their personal developmental experience. Any case results presented on the BrainXtra website are to be seen as general descriptions of personal improvements and developmental progress that have been realized by certain clients, and are not to be taken as a guarantee expected to occur with every individual.

Neurocognitive research studies indicate that 70 to 80% of individuals benefit positively from core executive cognitive ability training.

BrainXtra does not make any specific guarantees to any individuals’ expected developmental response or benefit from its neurocognitive clinic exercise programs, as individually unique physically variables, such as physical state of brain health could be beyond the boundaries of BrainXtra training programs.

BrainXtra has endeavored to provide a high quality neurocognitive enrichment program, according to published research information, contemporary cognitive development theory and the latest technology and resources.

Other factors, may significantly inhibit some individuals from improvement from the BrainXtra programs, that are beyond the control of BrainXtra.

These factors include the amount of exercise time the client invests in their BrainXtra program, the individual degree of quality mental engagement with the program exercises, degree of personal motivation, the accomplishment of the full total number of contact hours on the program recommended by research and the BrainXtra clinical time frame plan, each individual’s personal emotional disposition, diet, physical brain factors such as degree of neural impact of stroke or brain diseases.

BrainXtra makes no claim to treat, prevent or cure neurological diseases or physical neurological related debilitation and ill-health.

BrainXtra stands on neurocognitive research that indicates a significant proportion of individuals with early signs of cognitive memory debilitation may respond positively from core executive cognitive abilities exercising.

BrainXtra is a neurocognitive exercise program that is singularly focused on enhancing the following core executive cognitive functions:

Working memory, delayed recall memory, attention and concentration span, visual memory, auditory memory, sequential memory, spatial memory, symbolic memory, logical reasoning, information processing speed and accuracy.

Due to the extraneous uncontrollable variables listed above, BrainXtra will not be held liable in any way in the event where an individual does not or is not able to achieve their personal expected neurocognitive improvement outcomes from the BrainXtra clinical exercise programs.

In the event that an individual undertakes the BrainXtra exercise program in accordance with BrainXtra’s program requirements, to the best of their personal capability, and they do not experience any improvement in cognitive performance as measured by the program’s standardized Cambridge Brain Sciences Cognitive Assessment scales and their scored performances on the individual BrainXtra exercises, BrainXtra will have no material liability except to provide the client with a summary report of their cognitive performance assessment results which they may choose to share with their Medical Doctor or Neurological Specialist.